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What a fantastic day offshore! The Holt crew landed an awesome catch of Yellowfin and Big Eye Tuna with one weighing in at 135 lb’s!!

The Manning’s put a load on the dock today with a #136 Lb Big Eye Tuna, Yellowfin Tuna and an excellent catch of Dolphin!! Nice work!!!

#145 & #116 Lb Big Eye Tuna! They threw in a few Yellowfin and a Dolphin in the box too! Excellent eating fish caught today!! Congratulations to the Gentry crew for a fantastic catch!

Congratulations Pelican crew for a wonderful day!

What a catch!! A 246 Lb Big Eye Tuna along with several Yellowfin Tuna! Excellent day today! Congratulations!!

A fun day catching Yellowfin Tuna and Big Eye Tuna!!

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Big fish today!! Excellent day of fishing!

Excellent catch of Big Eye Tuna today! Nice work!