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Excellent Marlin Fishing!
We’re having an exciting billfish season! Many “first billfish” releases which has been an incredible experience to be a part of! Notably, Weston Burgan at nine years of age released his first White Marlin! The Moran crew released ten billfish for a two day total; Scott Bush and his crew enjoyed an exciting fight with a nice Blue Marlin in addition to all their White Marlin releases and the Horiuchi ended the week nicely today with Courtney releasing her first White Marlin three times over along with Jonathan releasing his first three Whites and Brett completing his personal grand slam releasing a White and a bonus Sailfish. Our superstar niece Charley started all this fun releasing her first White Marlin competing as a junior angler in the Alice Kelly tournament earlier this month. Exciting times!! Most importantly, we’re grateful to be included in such remarkable and memorable moments!

Courtney with her first White Marlin
Weston with his first White Marlin
Our niece Charley fighting her first White Marlin release competing for junior angler in the Alice Kelley Ladies Only Billfish Tournament