Great work guys!

Congratulations Patrick and crew for a great catch of Tuna, Dolphin and a nice Wahoo!!

The Manning’s put a load on the dock today with a #136 Lb Big Eye Tuna, Yellowfin Tuna and an excellent catch of Dolphin!! Nice work!!!

Available July 2 & 4th! Gather your friends and family for a memorable holiday fishing trip! There’s no better way to celebrate!

Want to go offshore fishing on the Pelican? July 9 is available!! Please contact the booking desk 800-272-5199 or book online here.

A good day! Great job Pelican crew!

Excellent catch of Big Eye Tuna today! Nice work!

Wahooo!! What a big Wahoo!! Congratulations on your huge catches today!!

We’re grateful for the memories and cherish the many years we’ve fished with the McCombs group. Anglers for us all to look up to! Way to go on your Big Eye Tuna and Dolphin today!!

A good catch for a sporty day. Great job guys!