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We had a fun filled day with a nice catch of Tuna and Dolphin. Nice work crew!


Ended July with nice catches of Dolphin and Tuna! Looking forward to August and September billfishing!

Our annual Boat Builders Tournament was a hit with our Tuna winning angler Wyatt Bailey fishing with grandfather John and brother Grant. Excellent anglers and a wonderful passion these kids have for fishing! Congratulations young anglers! We followed up with fantastic Tuna and Dolphin fishing! We’ve enjoyed great anglers and always thrilled to be a part of the families that fish together and the youth anglers that enjoy this sport! Congratulations to all!! Job well done!!

Great Catch

The Postlethwait crew enjoyed an excellent catch of Dolphin, Yellowfin Tuna and a Sailfish release! Nice work guys!


A fantastic day of fishing! Citation Yellowfin weighing in at 87 lb’s and Big Eye Tuna weighing in at 197 & 210 Lb’s on top of an excellent catch of Tuna and Dolphin! Great day!!

We’ve had an interesting May this year. We’ve had both, days we wished were better and excellent days. The tuna fishing has been inconsistent but the Yellowfins we’ve caught have been HUGE! From #91 lb’s at the smallest to #122 lb’s…CRAZY BIG TUNA!! Additionally, Wahoo have been big with the Bates crew and youth angler landing a #50 and #63 yesterday along with a few Dolphin and releasing a White Marlin! These last several days have been a mixture of meat fish with a few billfish releases. We’ve also enjoyed family fun catching Cobia. Congratulations to the Wheeler crew for landing  #91 & #98 Yellowfins this week! Great work!

Mike Null and his crew had a terrific day yesterday landing an excellent catch of BIG Citation Big Eye’s along with Yellowfin Tuna. Great work guys!

Fun Fall fishing topped with a Blue Marlin release! Yellowfin and Blackfin Tuna, Dolphin and a Huge Wahoo! Fun time of year!


Who says you can’t have it all? Nice catch!

A great day! A nice catch of Dolphin and a Blue Marlin release to make the day even more memorable! Excellent work!