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The last few days have been steady with nice catches of Tuna and Dolphin. There have been a few Blue Marlin around as well.

The Stough crew had a great day today with an excellent catch of Yellowfin Tuna and Scott Stough released his first Blue Marlin. Great day guys!

Back at the dock early with a box full of yellowfin tuna!

An excellent three days of fishing with the Bandy family! We landed a great catch of Dolphin along with a few Tuna! Kim Carter released a nice Blue Marlin and a White Marlin during this trip! Congratulations Kim on a lifetime catch! Great work!

A nice catch of Tuna and Dolphin today! Great work!

The Burgen crew enjoyed a fantastic day finishing up with a couple of Dolphin and a box full of Tuna! Great day!

Good to be back offshore after the bad weather kept us at the dock this past week. Today we enjoyed a nice catch of dolphin and tuna for the box.

Stocked up on meat fish