The fishing is starting to heat up.  The tuna’s are showing up in greater numbers and we are enjoying the catch.  Yesterday the Pelican landed nine Tuna.  We expect the Tuna fishing to continue and increase in numbers as the water temps become more stable.  June and July are excellent months as well to enjoy the Tuna and Dolphin catch.

A nice day on the water with winds out of the north.  The Pelican had a successful day landing fourteen(14) tuna out  of nineteen (19).  We’re looking forward to another great day tomorrow!

We enjoyed a great day catching Tuna and Dolphin, a little bumpy but didn’t stop us from having a good day on the water.  We are  looking forward to the sea’s warming up and the action increasing, heading out again tomorrow!

For fun, Capt. Arch went out with a few friends to enjoy this amazing experience.  No exaggeration as hundreds were seen and more fun than the mind can imagine.  Kenny Wilson and his son, along with Arch hooked at least thirty.  The twelve year old, “Tator” enjoyed “first cast” opportunities and they all shared in this exciting day of fishing.  Memories made and a day surely to make top fishing experiences this year.

We stayed back today due to the overwhelming fog.  Tomorrow we head out with Frank and his guest and looking forward to a great day of fishing.  The fleet has had successful catches of Tuna and we landed a 200 lb. Bluefin a few days ago, nice fight and great angling from Jimmy Sisson and friends.

The boats heading out of Oregon Inlet have had consistent catches of Tuna, great sign for the upcoming months.  The Pelican starts fishing May 1.  We are looking forward to seeing our great anglers for 2010.  May, June and July are excellent months to fill your freezer, book now to get prime dates.

The weather has given us a much needed break, it is a beautiful sunny day today with very light winds.  The fishing has been successful for the captains tuna fishing and also for the striper releases.  We are getting the Pelican ready and anxious to get out an fish starting May.  We anticipate another successful fishing season and hope you all can join us aboard the Pelican this year.

We had a great sailfish bite in Mexico this year, now with Spring fast approaching we are gearing up for Dorado and Yellowfin Tuna season.  It’s a great way to kick off with warm weather and a cooler full of fish.  See available dates at

A whopping 39 sailfish releases today, need I say more.

Beautiful site yesterday with the sails balling bait, Arch, captaining the Kin M from Isla Mujeres, landed 22 sails.  Mike Chapman and his crew ended their visit with over ninety sails in four days 53 of those while fishing with Capt. Arch.  Weather is looking great for the next few days and gearing up for a great weekend!