We are fishing post Irene!

Thanks to everyone who has called to check on us.  We are all fine and for the immediate and foreseeable future the Pelican will be fishing out of Pirates Cove Marina (web cam link) which is located here on Virginia Dare Trail west of Whalebone Junction Information Center on Rt. 64. Unfortunately Oregon Inlet Fishing Center finger piers and docks suffered considerable sound side flood damage and will have limited access for awhile.  As you can imagine land line/internet communications are hit and miss, so if you have any immediate questions please call Arch on his cell phone at 252- 216-7071.  Otherwise email us at Arch@fishthepelican.com The Pelican will be fishing starting Tuesday.

We consider ourselves lucky as the worst of it for us was the landing platform on our dock floating off.  Arch found it a few blocks away and dragged it back with the truck, made easier by the coating of sand left from the high water.  Our garden is toast.


We are fishing as usual in spite of Irene so don’t let her get you down.  The Pelican has days open in September and October!