Tuna bite on the Pelican

Jeff Trice and his friends had a nice day on the Pelican with 15 Yellow fin up to 60 lbs. and a few black fin to make up for slack.  While it was a bit squally on the 30 plus mile ride to the NE it laid out a bit in the afternoon.  Jeff and his entourage will give it another whirl in the AM.

The white marlin bite has started to wane as is expected this time of year.  Let’s hope the weather allows for a prolonged tuna bite.  The Pelican has a few days open during the week through October if your so inclined.

If anyone has any nice photos or a video taken on board the Pelican or at the dock please send them to us so we may post them on the new website.  (arch@fishthepelican.com)  Thanks