Thinking Ahead, Don’t “Miss The Boat” for July Fishing

Year after year I see some of the most incredible fishing happen in the month of July and it seems to be the least sought after month to book a fishing trip. The upside I am getting more intertest as more are realizing the variety and quality of what is caught in July, a truly excellent mixture of game and sport. Yellow Fin, Big Eye, Mahi Mahi and Marlin or Sailfish…what more could you ask for?? Last year huge Big Eye Tuna were landed and in nice numbers, talk about a fight! Not to mention filling your freezer with Mahi and Yellowfin. Oh and dancing with a billfish…In the fishing world we call this an impressive and remarkable catch!!! July is a nice transitional month for all of our target species and I highly recommend taking advantage of it. Don’t “miss the boat” on a great time for fishing in July. If you need more convincing, I encourage you to check out the fishing reports from July of last year. Here is one for the history books