Summer’s Time

With no one booked Summer managed to talk Arch into a ladies day on board the Pelican. Offshore they went at a more leisurely pace than normal.  With no particular species in mind Arch decided the girls should get a shot at a Big Eye.  On a streak of sorts he worked his way to the “hole”.  A hour or so later Summer is posing on the transom with a 257 lb Big Eye.  A top 5 fish for the Pelican.  With alot of the day left to fish off they went looking for something to match.  (Two Photos)


Billfishing has been a bit slow as of late.  The Pelican has not caught a Blue one this season. Summer’s friend Olivia Linkle had also never been off shore nor even caught a Billfish.  Until today.  While Arch called the one in the photo below around 200 pounds, he tends to be conservative.  For those of you who have seen one off the transom of the Pelican you have an idea.  Congrat’s Olivia!

Linkle Blue One