Spring time!

It’s the time of year when not much is biting and everyone starts thinking about it when they will.

Arch fished Mexico this past January and February with good results. Out of 30 or so days fished he averaged 20 fish a day. Probably twice that many taking a look at the baits in some way shape or form. Most of the sail bite was in trolling mode in spite of the grass and a few days spent under the birds. The Dolphin fish bite was extraordinary and made for great table fare at the Ballyhoo Bar and Grill. Add a few Snapper or Grouper and you never went hungry. Arch is going back to Mexico next winter so give him a call or email Arch@fishthepelican.com and figure out dates that work for you.

The Pelican will be fishing the last week in April 2012. Check out availability here!