Sailfish in January?

Think warm!

Captain Bracher still has a few days open for sail fishing in Mexico!  The port of call is Isle Mujeres and the dates are as follows.  January 14th , 23rd& 24th and the 28th2012. For those of you interested in more information please call Arch directly at 252-441-3197.  You may also email him at . For those who are not familiar Isla Mujeres it is an island off the vacation resort city of Cancun in Mexico. (you can see the dock in the preceding link!)  Access is easy and frequent from most major US airport hubs.  Lodging is abundant, reasonably priced and very close to the dock. Tourism rules as the main economic stimulus and for this reason the area is unlike most other parts of Mexico.  The fishing is usually phenomenal with January being the most productive month.  A warm and welcomed break from the cold and somewhat fish-less days of January.

Stateside it has been blowing for several days on the OBX.  When accessible the Tuna holes have been productive.