Off shore trip are what memories are made of

Between the wind and family matters we have been laying low. Seems like this NE gale won’t quit. Maybe by the end of the week.  Tuna bite has been good when you can get to them.

Running off shore for a good bite can easily be taken for granted when you live and breath it. Fact is it can be a trip of a lifetime for many.  Keith Hoffman thinks so as he shared the following note and some photos from a few years back.  You may recognize a couple of the characters. We will definitely try and get Keith hooked up next year.

Hello Captain, I am reaching out to you as I have not spoken with you in probably 15 years (1996). I have attached a few pictures of some trips I made with my father and some friends of his in the past. Imagine my surprise when I determined that I would be taking my first vacation to Nags Head next Summer June 10 – 17th 2012 and found your boat still comes out of that port. When I first went on the trips with my father my son was just born, the two trips I took with my father where the best memories I have of him – he passed away suddenly last year. And I was hoping to have a trip like that for my son (now 17) and I but wouldn’t have anyone else to go on the trip with us. From the looks of your boat right now you are all booked up except for 6/11/2012. I don’t want to take too much of your time but do you ever have trips where others join in, I know you can fill out an application when I get there but I have a feeling you will be booked.

My father worked for Sun Microsystems back then we came down with a group of 40 guys, I don’t know if my father ever went on any other trips with you after the two we did two years in a row. If you don’t think your boat will be available I understand it is a busy time of year or if you think the only option is for me to book a whole day just let me know, it is tough thinking of spending 2K for my son and I for a day of fishing but we will see.

In the primary picture I am in the baseball hat and white shirt, my father Jim Hoffman is right next to you, Captain Bob was next to my father and he has also since passed. I for the life of me cannot remember the other member of our team but I think I actually saw a video of him fishing out of Oregon Inlet in 2009 on YouTube. In the second picture that is me holding up that bull dolphin – what a rush I still have the certificate.

Thanks for any information you can pass along, though I am not sure we will be sailing with you but I will have my son there one or two days when you return to port that is for sure.

Keith Hoffman


Keith that is one heck of a Bull Dolphin!


The 2012 Pelican availability calendar is up and running.  Some good dates are still available. Book them now as they won’t last long.