Nothing like a NE Wind to stir it up!

The Pelican and a few other boats from the OBX fleet were able to get out for the first time in a few days as the lingering cold front finally pushed off shore.  The break was good for everyone as the fishing seems to have picked up where it left off and then some.  Captain Bracher and Lee, along with Earl Rose and his guests were treated to a 4-500 pound Blue Marlin which crashed a long rigger Mackerel!  Nice mid-September treat to go along with a Round Scale Spearfish aka White Marlin and two more billfish that looked just like it.  (OK 1 Blue and 3 White’s) There were a few dolphin mixed in to keep everyone at the ready.  Let’s hope this Bermuda high set’s up for a while. Got some dates open next week! Come help Arch and Lee work on the Round Scale Spearfish count!