Marlin Season On A Roll

Our Marlin season has been consistent with good billfish releases everyday. The Marlin are definitely here in good numbers! I’d love to say it’s been so fantastic we have to replace the riggers from the weight of the flags flying, but then the superstitious fisherman side of me doesn’t want to jinx it. Kidding aside,  with Capt. Arch and Lee in charge, rest assure, the highest standards are in command. This mentality is great for you, bad for the fish and that’s the kind of boat you always want to be on. 

Unless weather becomes an issue as we look ahead, there isn’t anything that could slow the fleet down through September. It’s been very good fishing for the Pelican all year!! 

Post tournament week, things are going very well and great weather to top it off! Congratulations to the charters we’ve had the past several days! We’re looking forward to flying more flags! 

As always, I love talking with our customers (I especially love hearing the fish stories) and helping you all get prepared for your day on the Pelican or answering any questions you have. I’m a phone call or email away. Summer Bracher, or 252-441-3197 (keep in mind, Arch is fishing and unavailable through 6pm). If you need immediate assistance, please call the booking desk at 252-441-6301 or conveniently book us on the availability page. Best Fishes!!!