It’s Not Always About Catching

We received a nice note from our party yesterday. Worthy of sharing with our friends and clientele. It speaks for itself.

Subject: The Pelican

I wanted to thank you and Lee again for such a great trip yesterday.  Though we didn’t find the elusive marlin, catching the mahi and the tuna was a blast, I loved seeing the whales and the porpoises, and a slow day fishing beats any day at work!  I appreciate your working so hard for us to have a good time and hope to get an opportunity to fish with you again. Be safe and thank you!

Carol W. Hahn

Today was a tick better.  The Pelican went 1 for 3 on White Marlin, watched a Blue one chase some dolphin, caught a few Mahi Mahi and a Tuna.  Other boats Marlin fishing fared well. High boat caught 7 Whites today. The meat fleet is also doing very well.  Arch has a couple of days open next week and if you insist, he’ll target the Tuna. Otherwise you’ll be Marlin fishing!