We’ve been preparing ourselves the last few days for Hurricane Irene.  Arch has lived here longer, but since I moved here 16 years ago, the Outer Banks, with the exception of Hatteras Island and hurricane Isabelle, have been pretty lucky.  I have not seen this area in a situation that we haven’t been able to overcome easily with all things considered. 

As hurricane season approaches, you will find yourself at a restaurant, local store, or with friends and will always hear, “If a hurricane comes up our sound, we are in a very bad situation”.  The anticipation of watching storms year after year, and feeling more secure when they past east of us has been diluted as I read the reports on Irene.

The spirit of this community is stronger than any, and we will grab ourselves by the boot straps and pull it together.  I will keep you all posted on what I see and hear from those that are staying.  Cross your fingers for us!

Good Luck and God Bless