The Null crew had a fun day catching yellowfin tuna and wahoo!

Sometimes it just takes six big ones to have a great day of fishing! Nice work crew!

A beautiful day with a good catch of nice sized Tuna!

Does it get any better than this? Grant with big brother Wyatt had a fantastic day catching Dolphin along with Wahoo as big as they are!! Always a great time with the Bailey’s and a treat to watch these two young anglers enjoy fishing!

Grant and Wyatt catching Dolphin!
They loaded up with two nice Wahoo a Tuna and a great catch of Dolphin!

This week has been exciting! Wayland Johnson released our first billfish of the season and we’ve had excellent catches of Yellowfin Tuna! The fleet has seen Blue Marlin, White Marlin and Sailfish. The Parsons crew had a great catch of Tuna and released a Blue Marlin!

A beautiful day on the water with a great catch of Yellowfin Tuna along with a Wahoo! Nice work!

The Postlethwait crew stocked up with Yellowfin Tuna yesterday! The weather was great and marine conditions look good for the rest of the week! This Tuna season has been fantastic! Great work guys! 

Stocked Up!


It’s been a great season! Thursday and Friday were no exception! Thursday the Lee crew landed a nice Big Eye in addition to their box full of Yellowfin and yesterday Wayland Johnson and friends landed their limit too! Beautiful weather to top off all the fun!

Wayland Johnson and friends with an excellent catch of Yellowfin!

The last two days have been great! Excellent catches of Yellowfin Tuna!

A limit for two!
Today’s catch!

Yellowfin Tuna and a BigEye made for a great day! Congratulations!