Big Blue 

The Pelican was the only boat that ventured out of the Oregon Inlet fleet yesterday and it was a great pay off! You just can’t hold back my husband or Bill DeGraw and his crew! They’ve been fishing since they got here, my kind of guys!! Now to the good stuff…they saw a good number of billfish, most importantly they released a nice 350 plus lb Blue Marlin and two White Marlin!! This was a great day for yesterday. Arch said the sea conditions weren’t bad at all considering what was forecasted. Speaking of..we’ve got crazy weather heading our way, but you just never know about these storms and what is REALLY going to happen. Arch is super at making those decisions and staying on top of it. We’re looking forward to excellent fishing after the “storm” passes over. 

On another note, remember the fantastic Tuna fishing we had this spring and July?? Fall Tuna fishing in October and November are fast approaching and dates are being reserved, particularly weekends!! So if you need a weekend, you better get busy and Book Your Date!!! Keep in mind too, if fishing is off the hook, weekends will be busy offshore with private boats. Contact us and I’ll get you set up. Hope to see you at the dock!