The Pelican enjoyed a beautiful day on calm seas catching seven yellow fin, a black fin, and releasing a white marlin.    A nice surprise during tuna season.  Fishing was great, with some boats bringing in their limit.  The weather is looking pretty good for the next few days and the Pelican is looking forward to more of this great tuna fishing.

The boats that made it out today had a great catch of Tuna and scattered Wahoo.  A few low pressures off the coast have stirred our waters, but hasn’t affected the catches, Pelican is looking forward to a great day tomorrow.

Monday the Pelican came in with a limit of tuna and yesterday the boats also limited out, great news considering weather conditions we are experiencing now.  Hoping the weather will break for this weekend, Pelican is looking forward to more great tuna fishing.

Looks like the rough weather from the past couple days made for a great tuna bite today! The Pelican and crew caught there limit and made it back in time for lunch and football.  Or maybe a drum bite???

While the Pelican stayed tied up at the dock today the boats that did venture out found more yellow and black fin some 30 plus miles from the inlet.  Yesterday Arch did manage to find 6 yellow and 9 black fin along with a dorado.  All of which made it into the box.

Meanwhile on the beach the bluefish are keeping anglers  busy while they wait for the drum to pass through. Amazing how many surf casting red drum addicts can fit on a sand bar.

The post frontal weather is pleasant and tuna are scattered some 30 plus miles NE of Oregon Inlet.  Pete Bogden and his buddies from all over managed to catch 5 nice yellow fin and a black in 73 – 77 degree water. 4 dolphin also managed to find there way into the box.  Word is a few drum are being caught off the beach.

Jeff Trice and his friends had a nice day on the Pelican with 15 Yellow fin up to 60 lbs. and a few black fin to make up for slack.  While it was a bit squally on the 30 plus mile ride to the NE it laid out a bit in the afternoon.  Jeff and his entourage will give it another whirl in the AM.

The white marlin bite has started to wane as is expected this time of year.  Let’s hope the weather allows for a prolonged tuna bite.  The Pelican has a few days open during the week through October if your so inclined.

If anyone has any nice photos or a video taken on board the Pelican or at the dock please send them to us so we may post them on the new website.  (  Thanks

The Pelican along with most of the fleet are out trying to catch yellow fin this weekend.  A few black fin are mixed in. It’s a pretty good showing of 40 – 70 lb fish.   If  your willing to run far enough a few white marlin can still be raised.  Let’s hope the wind stay’s down after this front passes.

Captain Bracher had Joe, Connie and 9 year old Wes Kaylor on board the Pelican today.  The weather and seas where calm enough to make the 30+  mile run a pleasant one and the tuna ended up cooperating. Wes helped his parents landed 7 nice yellow fins, a dolphin fish and several black fins !

Pelican had a great day today,  great weather and calm seas today.  Pelican landed seven blackfin tuna and  yellow fin tuna weighing in at 50-77lbs.  Debbie catching the 77lb Yellowfin.  Great Job Debbie! A great start to our tuna season.